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A new turn based RPG strategy game, where the aim is to kill all the creatures, collect the loot, yada yada, You know the general drill.
Above is a link to the first playable demo, its possible to be completed in an hour, with the right preperation though I forewarn you it is quite difficult, so save often.
('S key' = save game, 'L key' = load game)

Collecting an Item

Click on it with the Left Mouse Button

Equipping an Item

Hold down the Left Mouse Button and drag it into the appropriate Slot

Attacking Someone

Press the Right Mouse Button when over your enemy

Casting a Spell

Select the Spell and then move the cursor over the target and press the Right Mouse Button


  • Use the Left Mouse Button to select something
  • Use the Right Mouse Button to perform an action eg move to a square or attack a creature
  • Dungeon entry

    When entering a room/dungeon for the first time, the Gods will bless you with full health and mana. So, think about which party members you choose to play in each room/dungeon.


    Your party consists of 3 members. You can buy mercenaries with the money you collect (not in the test yet).
  • Warrior   -    The fighter of the group.
  • Ranger   -    The ranged weapon specialist, also the fleetest of foot.
  • Mage      -     Your Spellcaster

  • Spells Info

    Combat Info

    (Stuff for Nerds)

    Thanks for trying this out. I would appreciate any Feedback:

  • What you liked
  • What you didn't like
  • Suggestions for improvements
  • Any big bugs you spotted
  • Game title suggestion
  • Which dungeons you liked or didn't like or what style of Dungeon would you like to Play

    Include your name and receive a mention in the credits

    Download for Windows (560MB)